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About Us

“Customer Satisfaction” is the cornerstone of our business

Whatever your requirements, National Cold Storage, Inc. has a program to meet your specific needs. “Customer Satisfaction” is the cornerstone of our business. We encourage you to call and tour our facility for possible storage and handling of your product.

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We We Do

We tailor our services to accommodate special customer needs. For example, we provide a secure location to accommodate drop trailers, which later are moved to one of our truck docks for customer and carrier convenience.

National Cold Storage of KC

As part of our continued effort to provide the best possible service, we now have an online inventory management system where our customers are able to view everything from their current inventory, what specific product shipped out on what day and to where, among many more helpful reports.

Our docks are manned 24 hours a day 5 days a week for your convenience. Special arrangements can be made for weekend inbound and outbound shipments. Your success is our goal; no one understands that better than our highly trained staff. The average length of employment with the company for all employees is 17 years and for management is an average to 30 years of service. That know-how and experience has been the foundation for our efficient service for our customers.

Our Facility

National Cold Storage, Inc is an ideal location because it is centrally located in the heart of America, near major interstate highways and on the mainline of the Union Pacific railroad with direct rail access into our cold storage facility. National Cold Storage, Inc was carved over 50 years ago in a limestone mine. We are one of the most Earth-Friendly cold storage facilities in all of North America, leaving a minimal carbon footprint on generations to come. National Cold Storage, Inc is now a major food distribution center for many of our customers.

The underground setting provides a number of operating cost efficiencies and other benefits which in turn results in savings for our customers. The energy costs are typically lower for an underground refrigerated warehouse because less refrigeration is required to reduce the room temperatures. The over ½ million square feet of freezer space is surrounded by over 10 feet of frozen rock that provides a safe sub-zero freezer space with a minimum of temperature fluctuations. In the event of any major disaster, the enormous freezer space will keep your products frozen for several weeks.

The underground setting also ensures that customer’s product is never exposed to inclement weather and offers many safeguards for storing and handling your products. We take great pride in achieving and maintaining a high standard of safety and cleanliness. Our engine room has safety features and we’re constantly monitoring systems to ensure safe efficient operation.

We have approximately 11,856,000 total cubic feet of storage space. Which consists of 7,732,000 cubic ft. of freezer space, 2,834,000 cubic ft. of cooler space, and 1,290,000 cubic ft. of dry storage space. The entire storage area is temperature and humidity controlled. The temperature ranges from (0 to -5°) in the freezer, (26° and up) within the cooler, and (60° and up) within the dry storage areas. Temperatures within all storage areas are monitored daily.

Our Office Staff

Our staff is well trained and eager to serve your needs with:

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides us the ability to customize your inventories, history, and lot information reports for your products. Computerized history also provides for rapid product recovery and detailed information of all shipments. You can count on our customer service personnel to efficiently provide detailed information to all your inquiries.

National Cold Storage of KC Staff